Brian Cornelius

42345 Avenida Alvarado - Unit B
Temecula, CA 92590
951-719-3661 phone
951-719-3679 fax


Paragon Powersports, Inc.
42345 Avenida Alvarado - Unit B
Temecula, CA 92590


To professionally provide sales, marketing, consulting, and representation for manufacturers of quality products throughout the North American Powersports industry.

• To serve as a Sales and Marketing Manager/Consultant.
• To provide current market condition feedback and provide ideas and concepts to allow for increased sales and market share.
• To travel a minimum of 20 weeks each year visiting client’s customers (wholesale distributors), working with distributor sales reps, dealers, exhibiting at Trade Shows, Distributor Shows/Sales Meetings, and Dealer Open houses.
• To maintain communication with client’s customers via telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, etc. allowing for a continuous sales, marketing and product education/information support program.
• To insure client’s product information/photo’s are promoted and depicted accurately in distributor sales catalogs and brochures in the best possible manner.
• To provide feedback regarding actions taken by consultant on clients behalf, along with retailer concerns, market conditions and proposals.

• To insure client’s market share, maintain and find ways to improve profit structure while retaining market integrity.
• To suggest new and innovative methods for selling, advertising and promoting client’s products in as many markets as possible.
• To improve communication and rapport between clients, distributors, distributor sales reps and retail dealers.
• To improve and increase product knowledge throughout the supply/distribution chain.
• To assist client and client customers in developing new and innovative advertising, incentive and promotional programs.